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We Coach & Train Product Development Scientists for Technology Success!

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My extensive knowledge of pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and cosmetics has enabled me to guide new consumer preferred product introductions for my clients. 

I am low cost to hire, and no cost to fire - try me for a short period and test me out!

You Need to Develop a Product Formulation that Consumer Can Count On?

We Teach, Train and Coach Your Laboratory Scientists to Deliver Patentable Formulations & Products with Superiority Claims!

(In typical R&D groups original creativity can be compromised due to intra- and inter-departmental politics).

We navigate your personnel to deliver optimal performance via superior inter-personal relationships and original thinking.

Hire Us as per your Project Needs & Timing!

                                                                                                   We Excel In:

Topical OTC Drugs, Anti-aging Skin Care Cosmetics, and  Multi-function Cosmetics Bar Soaps Formulations.

Proven Formulation Expertise in Topical OTC Drugs, Skin Care Cosmetics, Hair Care Products, and Cosmetics Soaps; 90+ Cosmetics Science Publications, and Scientific Presentations, and 70+ Patents & Patent Applications : We CAN Handle Your Complex, perceptibly difficult Projects.

Why Us?

All work performed by us for you is your Confidential Proprietary Information.

We mentor right people at the right time. 

When it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. 

We accept your assignments only if we find a concordance between your goals and timing and our abilities & desire to match.

And, of course, we are much lower cost than hiring a (possibly nonperforming) permanent staff.

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